Free Services for Writers

You can make use of my services for writers - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST - just for purchasing copies of my novel, either NO SAD SONGS or THE TEENAGE WARS. That's my gift to you and my special thanks for your interest in my novel. Listed below are some of my free gifts to you. There may be others added from time to time and listed elsewhere on this website. Be sure to come back often and check it out. And be sure to check this website now for other services I offer.

FREE Publicity for YOUR Novel

When you purchase either (or both) of my novels, I will publicize YOUR novel with mine. Readers will learn about your novel while reading my novel. Everywhere my novel goes, YOUR novel will be publicized also. All of my readers will learn about your novel. Not only do I sell my novel through my own website - I send copies of my books to hospitals, schools, etc . Your novel will be publicized to ALL of these readers on the pages of my novel. You get all this just for  purchasing copies of my novel(s).

FREE Ghostwriting of Short Story

I will ghostwrite a short story (up tp 2,000 words) for you that you can submit for publication or enter into contests. The story will be YOURS and my name will not be included. For each copy of my novel which you purchase, I will ghostwrite one short story - you can use extra copies as gifts. etc.

Be Creative

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